Asia Blockchain Updates 2019.11.29 Upbit Hacker is “Mixing”, BYD Launched Car Data App

Upbit Hacker is Disturbing the track with “Mixing”,
Chain Partners got MBS from the US treasury, First time in the industry
BYD & Amo Lab Launched EV Car Data APP

Asia Blockchain Updates 2019 by Amy Kang
Asia Blockchain Updates 2019 by Amy Kang

Upbit Hacker is Moving Quietly, producing a total of 51 Transactions with 20 different wallets.

Tracking data from Upsala Security
Tracking data from Upsala Security

One blockchain security platform found out that a total of 342,000 Ethereum (ETH) taken from Upbit on Nov 28 was all distributed to different wallets. It appears to be an attempt to disrupt tracking through asset splitting and random inflows.

The wallet address who stole the ETH is ‘0xa09871AEadF4994Ca12f5c0b6056BBd1d343c029’.

According to EtherScan, a cryptocurrency trading tracking site on Nov 29th, 10,927,0.16ETH was moved to an anonymous wallet address from the original address.

According to Upsala Security, A developing provider of Sentinel Protocol and a blockchain security company, the stolen funds have been split into 20 different crypto wallets. It seems to go through multiple wallets, withdrawal, and withdrawal of money being difficult to track down.

It was reported that there are 51 transactions associated with 20 wallets since the incident has occurred on Nov 28.

Two of them went into the user wallets of Binance and Huobi Exchange. Binance had a very small amount of 0.00127 ETH.

Funds flowing into Binance and Huobi cannot be withdrawn or cashed out. Binance and Huobi said they would freeze the account if the stolen assets from Upbit were deposited into their wallet.

Chain Partners Acquires MSB, Money Service Business status from the US Treasury.

Chain Partners Acquires MSB, Money Service Business in US
Chain Partners Acquires MSB, Money Service Business in US

A well-knwon blockchain fintech company in Korea, Chain Partners has acquired the status of Money service Business provider from the US Treasury and Financial Crimes Bureau on Nov28.

Chain Partners CEO Charles Pyo released the announcement on Nov 28th, and the US branch of Chain Partners registered the service of virtual assets custody such as bitcoin to the Financial Crime Enforcement Bureau (FinCEN) under the US Treasury Department. and successfully acquired a Money Service Business. It became the first Korean blockchain company that got the MBS in Korea.

Mr. Pyo said in an interview with Coindesk Korea, “There was a great demand among Korean companies to make over-the-counter transactions in dollars, but in the US, there were difficulties such as banks not opening transactions when applicants were crypto-related companies.”

Since last August, Chain Partners has been operating Korean won(KRW)-based OTC trading services for cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. In December, the company plans to launch a USD-based cryptocurrency custody service for companies.

Blockchain Data Platform, Amo Labs Partners with BYD, Unveiling its first EV Car Data Analysis App.

The App screen of CARMOMILE
The App screen of CARMOMILE

Amo Labs, a blockchain-based data platform company in Korea, announced on Nov 28 that it will launch an EV data collection and analysis mobile app called, CARMOMILE.

The CARMOMILE will be launched based on partnership with EV auto company in China, BYD, it is known as a car-only app that collects and analyzes data produced by cars.

The driver can monitor driving information and vehicle status in real-time through ‘CARMOMILE’ and can receive cumulative points as a reward for providing data such as fuel consumption, accident history, and mileage of the vehicle.

Automotive data is attracting attention for its growth as a new source of added value, but the process of commercialization of the service has been many obstacles due to the difficulty in accessing data except for automakers. Amolabs, on the other hand, has solved the data accessibility problem by collaborating with BYD from the Initial service planning stage.

BYD, a Chinese EV battery maker, is now competing with Tesla as it has grown to become the world’s largest electric car company with more than 220,000 employees in the world’s No.1 energy market share thanks to the Chinese government’s New Energy Vehicle Development Plan. The app will be installed in future vehicles starting with 300,000 electric vehicle versions.



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