Asia Blockchain Updates 2019.12.06 DID, based on Blockchain will be in our Hands soon, Two Major Telecom Companies Collaboration on 5G and Blockchain

Mobile DID backed by Gov will coming out soon,
Two Major Telecom in China and Korea Teamed up for 5G and Blockchain,
DID Application “INITIAL” has been Launched, Available in 2020

Asia Blockchain Updates 2019 by Amy Kang
Asia Blockchain Updates 2019 by Amy Kang

Korea Gov. will Invest 613Mill USD in DID, Mobile DID come out by 2022

Government Choose “DID” as one of the national projects in 2020
Government Choose “DID” as one of the national projects in 2020

Recently, the Korea government will invest about 720 billion won(613million USD) into the digital government innovation plan, such as the introduction of a mobile identity card and the expansion of the issuance of electronic certificates by 2022.

In particular, the mobile ID card which has a high public sentiment index is also considering conducting public pilot projects. When the demand survey for each department and agency, particularly about the issuance of both mobile service certificate and electronic certificates is completed, the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Information Society Agency (NIA) are very likely to conduct several pilot projects.

‘Mobile ID card service’ is issuing digitized ID cards on smartphones instead of current plastic cards that may have been forged or stolen. The government is expected to expand the service after checking the safety of civil servants and student ID cards with a clear purpose and a high level of security.

In addition, by using an electronic wallet (tentative name) in the smartphone, it will be able to issue and store more than 100 kinds of certificates such as resident registration and herbals, family relations certificates by 2020.

The Ministry of Information and Communication previously selected the blockchain-based ID as one of the National project, which is based on the platform created by SK Telecom and Coinplug, through Hyberledger Fabric and Metadium. Recently, ICONLOOP and Raon Secure are preparing non-face-to-face identification services as well.

Mobile identity card project that Government is looking into is expected to be formed in various alliances such as large and small enterprises, public and private companies and even education and medical care services companies, as there should be a bunch of organizations who will join in the process of issue and verify certificates.

Korea Major Telecom Company, KT Partners with China Mobile to Develop 5G and Blockchain Service

Two Major Telecom Company Teamed up for 5G and Blockchain
Two Major Telecom Company Teamed up for 5G and Blockchain

KT held the ‘Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement (SCFA) General Assembly’ with Seoul, Major Telecommunication companies of Korea and China have participated in the event. At the event, KT, Top major telecom operator announced the partnership with China Mobile, the world’s largest telecommunications company, introducing 5G roaming and blockchain roaming settlement system.

KT has successfully demonstrated its ‘narle(나를)’ service through the China Mobile 5G roaming network, and It also announced that KT will launch a 5G roaming service in China in December. ‘Narle’ is KT’s 5G core communication service that can make video calls with high resolution of the screen with up to eight people at once.

In May, those two companies succeeded in linking and demonstrating 5G roaming, and in November, 5G was commercialized in China and completed the actual service preparation. The 5G roaming service through China Mobile Network can be used as a terminal that supports China Mobile frequency and also can be borrowed free of charge from KT Airport Roaming Center until the terminal is released in Korea.

KT also announced that it will beta commercialize real-time roaming automatic settlement system ‘B. Link’ with China Mobile using Smart Contract. ‘B. Link’ automatically verifies mutual roaming data between carriers and users, if there are no errors, it helps to proceed with real-time payment settlement.

This can drastically reduce the cost and save time in the verification and settlement process by eliminating the communication service provider exchanging and verifying mutual settlement data through the ‘International Roaming Settlement Center’.

Korea DID Service “Initial” Replaces Paper Certifications in 2020

Mobile Application of Korea DID Serivce “Initial”
Mobile Application of Korea DID Service “Initial”

On Dec 6th, the “Initial” DID Association held Korea DID Initial Day to celebrate the launching of the mobile electronic certification ecosystem.

The initial DID Alliance is a consortium of 11 companies formed by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA). It is established to promote the commercialization of mobile e-certification services and DID that can be used conveniently and safely.

In the Initial Alliance, there are top major technology, telecommunication, banks and fintech companies including SK Telecom, LG Uplus, KT, Samsung Electronics, KEB Hana Bank, Woori Bank, Koscom, Hyundai Card, BC Card, Shinhan Bank, and NH Bank.

Initial DID Alliance also unveiled the mid-to-long-term goal of the mobile e-certification service and ecosystem construction, which will be commercialized from 2020.

First, it will be able to receive more than 70 kinds of electronic certificates through the initial application scheduled for release early next year. It is also planning to commercialize the certificate verification service with those major financial institutions and large corporations.

It will also make it easy to process the certifications of six universities across the country (graduation, enrollment, academic records, etc.), issuance of TOEIC scorecards, and acquiring confirmation of the purchase of artworks through auctions.

The “Initial” app will be launched with the functions which can provide the certifications via a smartphone with a QR code, and an electronic contract and storage service in a terminal.




Product designer, turning conceptual ideas into reality with logic and feelings for us, Based in the UK

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Kyeongrim Amy kang

Kyeongrim Amy kang

Product designer, turning conceptual ideas into reality with logic and feelings for us, Based in the UK

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