Asia Blockchain Updates 2019.12.13 China Gov New CBDC Dep’s Head from PBoC, Coinplug + Metadium unveiled “DIDaaS”

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CSRC of China Set up CBDC Department, Director will be from PBoC,
DID Masters, Coinplug and Metadium starts “DIDaaS”,
Weibo Blocked again several C-levels accounts including Justin Sun and He Yi

Asia Blockchain Updates 2019 by Amy Kang
Asia Blockchain Updates 2019 by Amy Kang

CSRC Established a New Fintech Department for Digital Currency, Ex-PBoC, Yao Qian takes in Charge Head

Former Digital Monetary Researcher of PBoC was Appointed as a Director of New fintech Department of CSRC
Former Digital Monetary Researcher of PBoC was Appointed as a Director of New fintech Department of CSRC

According to Caijing Media report, China’s Securities Supervisory Commission (CSRC) has appointed Yao Qian, general manager of China Securities Depository and Clearing Corp. Ltd. (CSDC), a state-owned financial institution that provides securities registration and settlement services, to the new Director for Science and Technology Management (科技监管局), a new fintech department under the CSRC.

Mr. Yao Qian led the development of CBDC at the Digital Monetary Institute and has a high reputation who has a good understanding of financial technology, including blockchain. He also was chosen as one of the powerful figures in the blockchain industry in 2017.

The new Bureau of Science and Technology Management under the CSRC aims to integrate advanced technologies with more comprehensive and accurate data analysis into Chinese securities market regulations.

Yao Qian, former chief executive of China’s cryptocurrency industry, is the person who directly designed and researched most of the patents filed by the People’s Bank Digital Monetary Institute in developing digital currency in China.

Interest enough, the current CBDC which will be issued very soon, is designed based on Yao Qian’s initial scheme. He once published an article about the plan of issuing CBDC in Coindesk.

CoinPlug and Metadium Unveiled DIDaas Service for Enterprise

DIDaas Service by Coinplut and Metadium

Coinplug and Metadium, both have unveiled “DIDaaS (DID as a Service)”, which can introduce a ‘decentralized identification system (DID)’ according to the characteristics of the enterprise users.

“DIDaas” is a service that enables enterprises in several industries such as finance, education, and games to build the DID system more easily. It is similar to the ‘Baas(Blockchain As a Service)’ platform ‘Luiverse’ which helps blockchain service development.

Coinplug is planning to operate a DID Partner Network, “MyKeepin” by gathering partners who can grow the DID ecosystem together with the introduction of DIDaaS.

Coinplug provides consulting, technical support, and training to help MyKeepin partners deploy DID technology and services more safely and easily. It also decided to support collaboration between MyKeepin partners.

CoinPlug will also support MyKeepin partners with a program that can introduce DIDaaS solutions in private and public blockchains, depending on the size of the enterprise and the nature of the service.

On Oct 24 Coinplug has announced that it has successfully raised 6.4Millon USD worth of investment from Series B investment round. Three companies participated in this round investment such as KB Investment, Smile gate Investment, and Mirae Asset Venture Investment.

CoinPlug mentioned that they are raising funds to expand the development of ongoing decentralized identity (DID) technology and services.

Co-Founder of Binance’s Weibo also Has been Blocked by China Government

CoFounder of Binance, Heyi’s weibo account has been blocked

According to CoinVoice China on Dec 13th, the official Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter) accounts of Justin Sun, CEO of Tron and He Yi, Co-Founder of Binance both have been blocked by official Weibo.

Sort of Government’s “House Keeping” on Cryptocurrency exchanges and companies has begun since last month and it has been severe more and more.

Those crypto exchanges and project promotions contents on Wechat Public accounts have already disappeared from WeChat, and all previously used accounts have been blocked.

On Nov 16th, Several users found out official accounts of Tron and Binance on Weibo have been blocked and inavailable to enter. A message stating that the account has been filed for infringement of the ‘Weibo Community Regulations (微博 社区 公约)’.

Binance PR official said in an interview with China’s largest blockchain media company, Bishijie, “It seems that there was a malicious scam report towards to our account.”

In addition, Justin Sun, CEO of Tron, also said right after the incident, “We are actively communicating with Weibo. We also support the legal development of blockchain in China as well.”



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