Asia Blockchain Updates 2019.12.17 Tik Tok’s First-Ever Bitcoin-Related Video post, Busan Bank is Ready for Blockchain Free Zone Innovation.

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Tik Tok’s First-Ever Bitcoin-Related Video post,
In Blockchain Free Zone Busan, Local Bank is Building Blockchain Taskforce

Asia Blockchain Updates 2019.12.17 by Amy Kang

Tik Tok’s First Bitcoin Related Post after Announcement of ByteDance

The first bitcoin-related video post on Tik Tok

After the Chinese short video platform Tik Tok’s operator, Byte Dance has announced the development of a blockchain-based business model, the first video post about Bitcoin appeared on Dec 16th.

According to the CoinTelegraph on Dec 16, For the first time since the announcement that the operator of Tik Tok has started the blockchain venture business with state-owned media in China, one blockchain-related account uploaded a bitcoin-related viral short video on the platform.

Reportedly, The account (Thewolfofbitcoins) posted footage of a room that appears to have dozens of cryptocurrency mining hardware devices and commented on the video “This has caused a rise in GPU prices” including Bitcoin, Explainbitcoin and Bitcoin-mining tags.

Currently, the video has 111.2 million likes and 1900 comments.

According to Bloomberg News on Dec 14, ByteDance formed a joint venture to develop a blockchain and AI business model in partnership with China’s state-run media group, Shanghai Dongfang Newspaper.

According to the recent data report, Tik Tok has 50 billion monthly active users and recorded the third highest download rank in the US Apple App Store.

In Blockchain Free Zone, Busan,
Busan Bank BNK Established a Blockchain Taskforce

Busan Bank BNK Established a Blockchain Taskforce
Busan Bank BNK Established a Blockchain Taskforce

According to the announcement, In response to changes in the business environment, The parent company of Busan Bank, BNK Financial Group announced on Dec 16 that they have reorganized its organization and greeted new executives for 2020 to achieve management goals and reinforce customer and shareholder value management.

From now on, Busan Bank has officially established a dedicated blockchain organization.

Since 2017, BNK Financial Group has selected WM (Asset Management), CIB (Corporate Investment Banking), Digital, and Global as the four core sectors of the Group, and has strengthened the collaborative system.

In the reorganization we need to focus on that Busan Bank established a dedicated blockchain taskforce team and mobile payment team to expand future new businesses in the digital sector. In fact, Busan was finally selected as the blockchain free regulatory zone in July 2019.

Busan Bank will actively promote future businesses in connection with the blockchain designation in Busan, while actively promoting the “SumPass” mobile payment service in response to the rapid expansion of the simple payment market.



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