Asia Blockchain Updates 2019.11.08

Samsung’s blockchain Partner, Medium passed the smart contract audit, Kakao blockchain Klaytn will hold TXGX Conference, Korea Game Committee refused to classify a Blockchain Game

by Amy Kang

Samsung’s Partner, Blockchain Security Company, Medium Partners with Haechi Audits for Smart Contract

Blockchain security company of Korea, Medium announced that it successfully completed a security audit of its smart solution at Haechi Labs of Haechi Audit.

The security audit of Medium, esp for MDM token (based on Ethereum ERC-20) has been carried out to prevent security and hacking problems when tokens are listed on the exchange.

Medium also unveiled a blueprint for the global alliance “Media Alliance”, which will run the blockchain platform together.

Medium Alliance includes Medium Client, Medium Enterprise Blockchain, Medium Consortium Mainnet, and Medium Cloud Blockchain Services for vertical and horizontal scaling of various services and clients.

Hyun-Kwon, CEO of Medium said, “This Haechi Labs security audit is one of the many steps that Medium must go through. Medium will contribute to expanding its business to the enterprise blockchain market based on the enhanced blockchain technology solution.”

On the other hand, Medium demonstrated a technology that can conduct 100,000 TPS (Transaction Rate Per Second) through a hardware device-based blockchain platform equipped with its own Blockchain Processing Unit (BPU). It is currently planning to target 1 million TPS.

Recently, China and China have signed technology agreements with China Telecom and the Ministry of Education.

Samsung’s blockchain project, NexLedger also announced a partnership with Medium for various blockchain services.

Ground X, Klaytn will hold the Blockchain Tech Forum in Korea, TXGX 2019

Kakao Blockchain technology affiliate GroundX (CEO Han Jae-sun) announced on Nov 7th that it will hold the blockchain technology forum ‘TXGX 2019’ in Seoul on Nov 29th.

TXGX is a blockchain technology-focused event that brings various blockchain developers and experts together to discuss and propose various ways to develop Klaytn’s technology and the development of blockchain platform.

This event has held total 2 events, following last year. TXGX 2019 will cover all of Klaytn’s technologies, including Klaytn’s Architecture, Service Chain, Development Tools, and Bapp, in line with the Klaytn Mainnet.

Game Rating & Administration Committee Korea Refused to Classify Korean Blockchain Game

The Game Rating and Administration Committee (Game Commission) in Korea has refused to classify blockchain games. The committee has noticed that the decision is not about the entire blockchain gaming industry.

According to the Game Committee, the NodeBrick, operator of Infinitista, was rejected at the game rating conference held on Nov 6th. This game is one of the extensive form action games, players can trade items using blockchain technology. Trading is based on the use of the external token (NFT) exchanges.

The Game Committee made a comment on Nov 8th, “The main reason why the committee made a decision is that the result of the game is determined by random chance, the obtained materials can be converted into virtual goods, and the influence of the game user’s operation or effort on the game result is extremely rare. ”

Jae-Hong Lee, Chairman of the Game Committee, said, “This decision is not against the whole domestic gaming industry that uses blockchain technology. It is limited only when the blockchain technology is used as an act of gambling. We hope to see a lot of healthy games released using blockchain technology in the future,”

But the industry reaction was totally different, this decision from the committee is similar to sentence the “death penalty” of blockchain games. Currently released or under developing blockchain-based games are based on a system that works with real goods through their own tokens or external tokens.



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