China Crypto Valley 101 part 2: Shenzhen

The Paradise of IT and Tech company in China- “Shenzhen”

Shenzhen: Mining City? City of Imitations? Now, Call Shenzhen as an emerging blockchain hub city.

Left) The GDP of Shenzhen, its average income and population of highly educated talents, Right) The rank of Global city in 2017–2018, Shenzhen was ranked in 35th:
PIC1)The policies about blockchain that Shenzhen Gov. has announced:
Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Shenzhen official website:
Announcing the partnership between Wanxiang lab and Tencent
Tencent’s Whitepaper:
The supply chain plan using blockchain technology of Tencent
The first blockchain invoice distributing app by Wechat
The White Paper of Huawei
The BCS (Blockchain Service) of Huawei Cloud: Available for free till 2018, Dec 31st

Those two main reasons why Shenzhen will be one of the China Crypto valleys are very solid;
the promising back up from the local government and The leadership of those highly recognized large corporations.

It’s not a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of “when” Shenzhen City becomes one of the leading blockchain hub cities in China.

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