Cracking the nerve-wrecking interviews — 🚨Red Flag Edition

Kyeongrim Amy kang
3 min readJul 29, 2022

Hey ho, All designers in the world….👀
These days, I’m described as a Product Designer, UX designer, Full stack designer, Job seeker, Interviewee, Candidate, and mentally cracked individual.
Today, I want to share some insights, tips or whatever you call, in here while I’ve learned so far from millions of times of interview sessions.

They really said it…I swear…

Why bother? hmm..I would say;
It is too “Valuable” to vanish without sharing in some kind of format.

🚩1. Late, without apologies.

It applies to you or the Recruiter, the Hiring manager( your possible future boss) or team member whoever it is.
Meeting, phone calls with the pledged time by both sides are promised, Late is breaking that promise. If this simple appointment cannot be conducted in time, then what will happen in the future?

Trust me, I paid for the debt after all with a horrible experience just because of looking over this. Not only affecting my payday, project communications and my career progressions. No compromise here.

Oh! btw GHOSTING? Don’t look back, or wait for a reply. Period.
But be sure to share these negative stories on Glassdoor for others. ye?

🚩2. Job description, Hiring manager, and recruiter are saying all different perspectives about the role.

We are not living in multi-dimensions. Single position with 2 or 3 different (even more…) perspectives and sayings? I’m an only individual, I don’t have multiple different versions of myself.

  • Is it senior or mid-level or junior?
  • Is it a UX designer role or a Product designer with a full stack?
  • Do I need to have experience in mentoring others? or not?

Yes, this happened to me. I know you’ve experienced it. Just avoid them, they don’t know what they want.

🚩3. All sugar coating, no further questions.

The interview is not one-sided, it is actually a part of the interaction between interviewer and interviewee. Not only interviewers can listen to your answers, always can raise questions about our answers.

Interviewees, Designers, If they just agree with everything that you say and no follow-up questions? Then, just fold those imaginations slightly in your head, working in their office with them, They are not into you.

🚩4. Unnecessarily making tension and nervousness.

We are living in a 21century. This typical tactic that 70–80s employers have been using, is OLD-FASHIONED, not a THING anymore.

For the best possible outcome, both the Interviewers and the interviewees need to be in a comfy situation to talk or ask about anything freely. Interviewers don’t need to put candidates in the corner just to know what they truly are. This only put both candidates and attendees in the interview in a negative position and things won’t go anywhere.

Interviewees, candidates as well, We don’t need to be a dxxx (you know what this means…🙈), just because they found you and want to hire you.

Be kind to each other. shall we?

Well, Just a rough version of the insights that I’ve gained from various interview processes and situations. I hope this helps all of you, designers, job seekers and even interviewers, and employers as well.

I might come back with another edition of my stories… till then Adios! 👾



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